Who we are

Who we are:
We are an American company based out of Seattle, Washington, made up from a select group of artist from around the world. Many of us have years of experience in the field of architecture and have pursued the illustrative side of the profession due to our artistic natures. We are positioned well to cater not only to our North American clients, but clients from around the world and take advantage of the global economy and markets of today, while providing excellent services at competitive prices.

Our team is made up from artist’s who are personally invited to join our team due to their professionalism, reputation and body of work. From architectural visualization production houses, to major game studios, our team members have a vast wealth of experience. We are active in our craft and the field of architectural visualization and computer graphics and participate in the global CG community around the world. We stay current on the latest hardware, software and CG techniques and continually strive to advance in our craft, we are artist with strong technological knowledge.


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3D Allusions Studio


1433 S. 69th Avenue
Yakima, WA
98902, USA
+1 (206) 660-4723

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