Cargo Container Residence

Challenging ourselves using design skills to see what kind of modular housing we can come up with using Cargo Containers as the base modules of the design. Two rudimentary cargo container model sizes of 20 ft and 40 ft. lengths were used. Non-Photorealistic (NPR) architectural rendering style was used for it's appropriateness for schematic design and because SketchUp was used for the excercise.


The challenging site of swamp/marshland of no ecological or environmental importance was chosen to apply the adaptive reuse of the containers to in order to capitalize on low cost housing concepts. A pier and deck/dock platform was implemented and the houses would be laid out in pods scattered along an access corridor in order to provide low density.

The main idea was to have fun and come up with some creative housing using modular cargo containers as the building blocks, we do want to see at least parts of the containers visible in the design but the structure is not limited to the use of them.

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