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Marina Ilha Verde, Pelotas - RS, Brasil


572.48 m2

Project Year



Marcelo Donadussi




Otávio Riemke


Eduardo Riemke, Juliana Frio




Ricardo Cavalheiro
© Marcelo Donadussi
Roof Plan

From the architect. This house is located on a plot by the banks of a river (Arroio Pelotas) in Pelotas – RS – Brazil.

The extensive depth of the terrain (20 m x 80 m) was paramount in the first assumptions regarding the project, as the best visual, the one by the river, was distant from the frontage. Therefore, the house was conceived in a linear plan, where one can transit from more opaque areas in the frontage, to large social glazed areas at the back, which were planned to be integrated with the river.

© Marcelo Donadussi

Walls, built using stones from the area, not only emphasize the horizontality, but also divide the house into two different areas, social and service.

© Marcelo Donadussi

Apparent concrete cantilevers and pergolas were used to allow a greater integration between the interior and the exterior, creating shaded social areas.

© Marcelo Donadussi

The double height ceiling and inner courtyard allow higher thermal comfort, offering adequate insolation and cross ventilation.

Bedrooms are located in the second floor and are protected by bifold doors, which allow ventilation and transparency to be controlled.

© Marcelo Donadussi

The master suite has an integrated balcony with a view to the river, being the view framed by an apparent concrete shell.


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