3D: 1 : three-dimensional
al-lus-sion:1 : the act of alluding or hinting at 2 : an implied or indirect reference.

Our Mission:
To provide clientele with the visual aides and documentation necessary to express their concepts and ideas. With the use of cutting edge technology and software we allude to previously un-visualized reality's. Helping Clients "Visualize the Possibilites!"

Who we are:
We are an American company founded out of Seattle-Washington and opened a base of operations in the Central Washington area in 2010, made up from a select group of artist from around the world. Many of us have years of experience in the field of architecture and have pursued the illustrative side of the profession due to our artistic natures. Located centrally in the Pacific Northwest we are situated to serve the region and the metropolitan areas of Seattle, Portland, Vancouver B.C., Spokane and Boise.  We are strongly positioned to cater not only to our North American clients, but clients from around the world as well.  Taking advantage of the global economy and markets of today, we provide excellent services at competitive prices.