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Daniel Bonilla + Marcela Albornoz


Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia


14016.0 m2

Project Year



Rodrigo Dávila




Maria Alejandra Echeverry, Maria Paula González, Elizabeth Añaños, Sebastián Chica, Alexander Roa, Guillermo Barahona, Alex Larin.
© Rodrigo Dávila

EAN University, Classroom building is the result of a competition by invitation, where we propose to set up a university campus where the buildings are as important as the common open spaces. A place where students can meet, study or rest; a second home for education and fun.

Floor Plan 01

The strategy was to generate a large collective space, a central upward spiral, surrounded by a classroom building (Phase 1) and the offices and welfare building.

© Rodrigo Dávila

The classroom building responds to a seven level’s prism. On the first floor are located the access areas and the central library. On the upper floors standard classrooms are located, ending with a rooftop terrace for collective uses.


The prism is affected by a series of random out coming concrete boxes that break the volume’s monotony while serving as studying and meeting rooms.

© Rodrigo Dávila

For the façade we developed, along with the manufacturers, a singular element: Stressed micro perforated green shades, protecting the interiors from direct sunlight. This element gives a particular image to the building while highlighting the "random boxes."

© Rodrigo Dávila

The proper bioclimatic aspects for a building of this nature located in Bogota are, take advantage of the geographic orientation, qualify the solar incidence in the interior, take advantage of natural cross ventilation, and optimize energy and water consumption.

© Rodrigo Dávila

In addition, the existing building was moderately intervened through a simple chocolate-colored painting process, and the perimeter gratings were removed to replace them with an abundant perimeter garden interrupted by two gentle corner blocks of pedestrian entrance.

© Rodrigo Dávila

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