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A mere six months after the torch was snuffed, the Brazilian Olympic sites that once hosted scores of locals, tourists, and athletes in a global celebration of athleticism and camaraderie now lie in ruin.

This "ghost town" cost Brazil around $4.6 billion plus an estimated $1.6 billion in budget overages, according to reports by the Financial Times and Quartz. 

In stories recently published by The Guardian, Business Insider, Mashable and Bored Panda we can see the heartbreaking reality and aftermath in the disused venues. 

Rio's Olympic venues, six months on - in pictures

Here is what the abandoned venues of the Rio Olympics look like just 6 months after the Games

Rio's Olympic venues are already on their way to ruin

Rio 2016 Olympic Venues Just 6 Months After The Olympics

In August we published an article that asked what the legacy of this event may be, arguing that there are perhaps two legacies that emerge. 

Read the full article below. 

2016 Olympics: Two Legacies for Rio

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