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Arquitetura Nacional


Rua Fernando Abbott, 866 - Cristo Redentor, Porto Alegre - RS, 91040-360, Brazil

Architect in Charge

Arquitetura Nacional


2115.0 m2

Project Year



Marcelo Donadussi



Structural Project

Carpeggiani Projetos Estruturais

MEP Project

Asolon Engenharia Projeto Elétrico: Proinst


CSR Incorporadora
© Marcelo Donadussi

From the architect. The building is located in ​​the city of Porto Alegre. The traditional neighborhood is going through a transition process - the old houses are given way to small and medium sized buildings. The site is located on a corner with a very interesting view of the city and the airport. However, being at a high altitude level, it is strongly influenced by the municipality laws

© Marcelo Donadussi

The privileged view - at the back of the lot - was the starting point for the layout of the apartments: as a project premise, all units should view the sunset. As there was no possibility of fitting two apartments linearly per floor (facing the view) it was decided to also use duplex apartments. Therefore, in every two floors, two apartments are linear and one is duplex.

© Marcelo Donadussi

The concept of the project seeks the individuality of each housing unit through the idea of ​​stacked houses, which is very evident in the volume - each apartment is easily identified on 3 facades. The different typologies of apartments reflect the different ways of living of the users: the duplex apartments have 89m² and have social and intimate areas well separated, while the linear apartments have 87m² and seek a greater integration between the two programs. The duplex apartment on the ground floor has a very generous patio and the penthouse apartment occupies the whole floor.


By emphasize the volumes of the apartments the concrete structure creates a frame around each volume, where the windows are displayed randomly on the side facades. In the back facade, facing the view, the windows are opened to the maximum. The common areas of the building (halls, stairs and elevators) are located in the front of the building (facing the main street), increasing the privacy of the apartments.

© Marcelo Donadussi

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