Well we wanted to start covering some items that relate to actually practice of professions such as architectural visualization, or architecture....... To create a resource for others. With that in mind, I thought I would post a generic Check List of Information necessary to provide full services for Architectural Visualization.


The topic of composition came up during the last challenge and recently I saw that Susan Sorger of 'Entourage Art' had posted some links (3,4 and 5 below) at CGA, so I figured it would be a good topic to post some links on and start discussions on.


Proper selection of plants and trees is an area that gets overlooked is the selection of plants and trees for landscaping. You probably don't want to show a Japanese Cherry tree in Anchorage Alaska, let alone a Palm Tree. So we really should know our trees better, I am as guilty as the next guy, and on top of that the Puget Sound area may have lots of rain, but it is pretty mild in climate, so we can get away with showing and growing quite a bit, this propbably isn't the case if you live in Chicago and have harsh winters.


Working with individuals from around the world, I sometimes get asked to define or clarify certain terms that are on blueprints or architects instructions from people outside the US working on a rendering for an architect or developer here in the States!