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Well we wanted to start covering some items that relate to actually practice of professions such as architectural visualization, or architecture....... To create a resource for others. With that in mind, I thought I would post a generic Check List of Information necessary to provide full services for Architectural Visualization.


The list basically covers residential, commercial and retail type projects, it could be more specific and refined per project, but it covers the basics and what a set Construction Documents should include, but doesn't seem like that is always the case or services are provided before CD's. So if you are having to work off of Schematic Design or Design Development documents, having a list to let the Client know what information you expect is a good thing to have an outlined version in your Service Agreement, or include a full list as an appendix in your contract.

projectchecklist page 1sml

projectchecklist page 2sml

projectchecklist page 3sml