Confused by code? Bookmark this site and you'll never mix up your tags again.

While many great website builders and beautiful free themes make building your own portfolio site easier than ever, a little knowledge of HTML is really useful. It enables you to look under your site's bonnet to see how everything fits together, and to fine-tune things when the default settings aren't doing it for you.

But all those tags can be a little daunting – especially since HTML is an ongoing project, with new elements being introduced as the technology evolves. So has come up with this useful interactive HTML cheat sheet.'s HTML cheat sheet is a web design gold mine

It features a full list of all the HTML elements that you can browse alphabetically – in a very attractive isometric layout – as well as by category. Click on one of the html code tags to read a descriptions of that element, as well as helpful code examples that you can plunder when you try to implement a new feature for yourself.

Code examples make it easy to get the hang of those pesky tags

Plus if you don't want to be eternally switching browser tabs when you can't tell your <article> from your <body>, has thoughtfully provided a downloadable PDF version of its cheat sheet that you can save to your computer or print out and keep on your desk.

There's even a PDF version to download and print out

You can find the cheat sheet – made with a little assistance from Mozilla – over at

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