Design Studies of Photorealistic Rendering

eVolo skyscraper competition-1tn

eVolo skyscraper competition was held in 2014 with over a hundred entries from firms/studios from around the world.  3DA Studio entered with the following concept and design study.


Seattle Center's 'Urban Intervention' competition was held in 2012 with over a hundred entries from studios in 24 different countries.  3DA Studio entered with the following concept and design study.

extclrtest_tnfp.jpgThorncrown Chapel Design Study: The purpose of this design study was to recreate 100% digitally the 'essence' of a favorite architectural project, Thorncrown Chapel by Fay Jones, located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  The real challenge was creating the natural setting that the site exists within, completely in a 3D digital format. The setting is important because it is an integral part to the architectural design.

There are many shortcuts and techniques for creating natural terrains and landscapes, there are even specific programs that were tested for this process for our internal analysis of existing products and techniques currently available. 

rtelev2bclrwiggle_tn.jpgNon-photorealistic (NPR) renderings can provide and economical solution for initial design phases. At times you do not want the client to feel as if the project is set in stone and that all the decisions have been made for them. NPR is a great way to convey a design solution without making it seem final an that a lot of time and energy has been invested.

Image There are ways to combine schematic design type graphics with finished renderings to create unique presentation graphics.