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Rights and Ownership:
Think of our services in a similar fashion to architectural services, you pay the architect for his services to create Construction Documents and maybe even for Bid and Construction Administration services. His services and deliverables are for one building and his documentation has his company logo and clear identification of the authorship. The architect maintains ownership of design and content of documentation as well as the right to display the finished Project in their portfolio. Our services are similar in that you are paying for the deliverables of our services and expertise. We maintain similar ownership and clear identification of authorship, but unlike the architect you may re-use our visualization deliverables repeatedly once you have paid our fees. Like the architect, you may not re-use Construction Documentation such as home plans without prior written permission.

3DAllusions LLC owns the copyright of all the work we produce. The client is paying for our services and the right to use the deliverables of our services is dependent upon full payment. Until final and full payment the digital and printed visualization content will contain a repeating semi-transparent watermark pattern. Upon full and final compensation, media will be delivered clear of repeating watermarks with only a small unobtrusive logo and artist copyright. Until Clients account is paid in full we do not grant permission to use deliverables of our services.

Once full payment is made, Client may use the visualization work as often as they wish as long as there is no removal or alteration of our logo and artist copyright. In the past third parties such as marketing companies have strategically placed their logos or narratives in the proximity of our work in such a fashion as to lead others to believe it is their own. This has led us to include a small logo and copyright in order to protect our work.  We maintain the right to display our work in our online and physical portfolios, but will not use it outside of the intent to display our experience and expertise.

We will not relinquish the digital source files of our work to the Client or third parties; the final output of those files represents the deliverables of our services. Source files contain technology, custom content and proprietary knowledge representing important company assets. The same holds true of the Client's files, resources and assets, we protect them and treat them as confidential by default. We wouldn’t ask our Clients to respect our work and company assets and not do the same for them.

The exception to digital source file distribution is, in the case of Construction Documents for custom home design , that some CAD files may be distributed to sub-contractors for backgrounds for use in their design layout, they may not alter or modify our work and our data is supplied for "Reference Only". Another exception to digital source distribution s, in the case of construction documentation services for AEC firms, that the work we are commissioned to create or modify is to be provided to client in a useable and editable format with full rights of use.



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