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Architectural Visualizations

3D modelling and rendering of your architectural plans, from furniture components, to residences, massive commercial developments and neighbourhoods - we have the experience and knowledge to bring your drawings and vision to life.

design presentation

The goal of a design presentation graphic is not only to express the concept, but also engage the audience and win them over and even convert them to advocates. If a presentation is to sell a concept or product to potential clients or buyers, then a finished, refined - even photo realistic graphic helps the audience visualize the concept, excites their senses, and persuades them to commit.

non-photo realistic rendering

non-photo realistic rendering typically mimics traditional architectural rendering styles. However, there are many approaches to NPR , there are many post production techniques applied to renderings and photos that mimic traditonal styles. In the world of architectural design the leading design modeling software is probably SketchUp, which natively outputs imagery that is NPR .

Architectural competition graphics

There is an art to architectural competition graphics . Architectural competition layouts are an exerise in composition as much as it is in displaying the graphics themselves.
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GOOD LIGHTING IN 3D RENDERINGS Lighting is an essential aspect of the rendering process. The objectives for 3D illuminations are not that different from that of the real world; you need to light...

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Le't face it, most of us are artist and not great businessmen in the field of architectural visualization.  So every little bit helps in this competitive market. That is why it is important to...

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WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR - Having a good understanding of your scope of work and priorities is a good start in figuring out your needs and who best suits them. Generally speaking developers go for...

It's All Subjective:I can say a rendering is bad and the average person off the street might say they see nothing wrong with it, so why should anyone care? This is the dilemma many potential...

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