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Studio Culture and Philosophy

Taking the High Road


Our approach is not built on a predetermined aesthetic or a rigid "signature style." It grows from a search for ideas and answers. Designs aren't forced, they evolve from the investigation of context, function and needs. They represent the realization of a problem-solving process transforming our client's vision into a built form.

Architecture is best when it is an honest expression of those it serves. The places we design or represent should serve the people who work, visit and live in them and that their quality is directly related to our commitment to listen carefully and respond creatively to our client's vision.

Strive to make simple, well-articulated forms that have enduring meaning, favoring materials and methods of construction that provide lasting value and interact gracefully with the surroundings.

Commit to the health of the environment and to making buildings that show a deep respect for the earth's energy and material resources.

If we are demanding of ourselves, we are equally demanding of our clients. They are our partners and valued collaborators in shaping the project, and defining its success.

Our approach to architecture and visualization is rooted in the individual's perception of form and space. Perception rests with the "perceivers," the people who live in, work in, and visit the building and site. We value our clients insight because ultimately it is through their "vision" that the building takes a resolved form.


Acting in our clients best interest requires that we integrate our methodology with technology. The application of traditional design methods to state of the art tool sets provides a level of communication never before possible. Efficiency, accuracy and three dimensional visualization are key factors in conveying design intent from the design phase to construction documentation.

3D Tools allow the client to work with designers to visualize forms, massing models and even design development level digital models in real time.

BIM/CAD (building information models/computer aided design) help accurately define qualitive and quantitive aspects of a design in the most efficient and distributable manner.

Visualization software allows demonstration of photo-realistic renderings of the proposed design, allowing clients, building officials, review boards, prospective tenants and the public to visualize the finished project at its current level of design.

As the saying goes "A picture says a thousand words!", 3D graphics communicate designs and sell projects. Leveraging state-of-the-art design software and the computer graphics they provide is a great marketing and a public relations tool! More importantly it helps convey the design to the Client and to the contractor during construction.


The studio strives to achieve design excellence, to design high quality solutions within budgetary limitation and to conduct itself in an efficient, business-like manner.

Successful solutions are achieved through adherence to the following principles:


Thoroughly investigate the "challenge" based upon functional need, physical conditions and financial parameters of the project.


Obtain maximum involvement of the Owner and the Owner’s staff. Client participation is a key factor in insuring an architectural product is specific to the client’s need and desires.


Prepare imagery which are clear, concise and complete, thus assuring comprehension from the audience.


Observe the project in a manner to protect the integrity of the design and the client’s investment.

Success results from a comprehensive understanding of a project, coupled with a close interaction between the clients, architects and the Artist. The completed work is a celebration of the client’s own vision - realized through the skills of a professional team.


Successful project management relies on a lean team of very experienced professionals with strong communication skills who leverage technology for maximum efficiency to manage and produce timely and cost effective deliverables.


The right person for the job! Assignment of individuals that have personal experience on the project type and expertise and the required skill set for their role in the design team.


Clear and concise definition of 'Project Scope' for the team of professions to be established right up front.


All team members are accessible and responsive to the other team members throughout the process. Project information is made accessible online via project FTP and team collaboration software. Project schedules and resource materials are available to all team members in and organized and timely fashion.


Clearly defined roles, expectations, goals and milestones up front initiates a well-defined relationship between client, architect and design team members. Establishing and updating the project time line and milestones through team meetings, teleconferences and online collaboration followed up by emails and individual phone calls as needed. 


Pride in one's work comes from a sense of ownership and/or contribution to a project or task. We believe a project should be taken on by the same professionals from start to finish. Consistent and uninterrupted train of thought and follow through on a project eliminates hand offs, mobilization and familiarization start up time.


Produce budget-conscious solutions with long-term usability and ROI. Make a design statement within the context of a budget-conscious project demonstrating a clear understanding of the image the client wishes to convey with their building.


Budget fees, services, and manpower to meet financial and chronological goals and to apprise client of possible adjustments required in a timely fashion so that possible actions may be taken with the least amount of impact.


See every action and task to its conclusion, and confirm that other team members have as well. Double-check critical items and document and distribute as necessary. Verify with the Client and staff that you have/are meeting requirements and expectations.

In the end, we have done our best to make sure all parties have content/imagery that they are proud of and that conveys the 'Essence of the Design'.

3DAllusions Studio is located in the Pacific Northwest, we serve Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon, Vancouver B.C., Los Angeles California, Dallas Texas, Austin Texas, and Miami Florida predominantly. However, we do International work upon Clients' request and welcome International Clients and the opportunity to work abroad.

Lets Discuss Your Exciting Project!

We aren’t about the ‘High-Pressure’ sales, but we would like the chance to discuss your project and see if we are a good fit. Once we have a chance to discuss your project, show you our work and answer your questions, it is up to you on whether we work together or not. We pride ourselves on our work and our happy clients and would love to add you and your project to that list.

So, if you have an actual project that you need visualization services for, or just want to discuss the process and the potential returns on your investment, we are here for you, feel free to reach out.

Involved in our Profession

ASAI Members and Proud of It!

We are proud are proud members of the ‘American Society of Architectural Illustrators’ and support our industry whenever we can!

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