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 Architectural Rendering

Red Mountain Cabins Architectural Rendering

elevate-factsheet1 Winter Cabins: Proposed project located at Canada's Red Mountain ski resort. A variety of luxury premanufactured winter cabins are to be sold off to winter sports aficionados at picturesque locations. The challenge was to showcase the spirit of the proposed development.  The resort is located in Red Mountain in Canada just a five-hour drive from Vancouver B.C.


Red Mountain Ventures was founded with the mission to develop and operate Red Mountain Resort with a responsibility to the environment and the community of Rossland.

ELEVATE succeeds as a unique and innovative housing development using sustainable architecture and construction processes. It’s a paradigm shift in lifestyle for those who realize they don’t need larger homes and are looking for places that are more affordable, easier to maintain, well designed, and well constructed. It’s a simpler version of homeownership that is in line with Red Mountain’s values of preservation, scale and affordability.


Exterior architectural renderings were created in order to convey the essence of the finished project and help potential clients visualize the amenities and atmosphere to be provided. A winter get away for the avid skier who enjoys the rugged outdoors and the vista views of this premiere resort.

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