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Simeon Condominium Architectural Rendering Project

Exterior Architectural Rendering Studio Condominium Project: Proposed project in Texas, pre-construction architectural visualization created for marketing purposes. Architectural renderings and animations typically used for pre-sales marketing tools in an effort to sell units prior to completion of construction.

Exterior and interior architectural renderings and QuickTime Virtual Reality movies (QTVR) along with colored floor plans were created for marketing materials to show off floor plan layouts and interior finishes.

Exterior Architectural Renderings

Condo Facade and Balcony

Simeon Condo Facade Rendering

Simeon Condo Facade Rendering

Simeon Balcony Rendering

Simeon Balcony Rendering

Interior Architectural Renderings

Condo Interior Rooms

Simeon Living Room Interior 3D Rendering

Simeon Living Room Rendering

Interior Rendering of Dining Room

Simeon Dining Room Rendering

Interior 3D Rendering of Bedroom

Simeon Bedroom 3D Interior Rendering

Simeon 3D Interior Rendering of Bathroom

Simeon Bathroom 3D Interior Rendering

Architectural renderings were done using 3DS Max and Vray rendering engine, post work done in Photoshop.

The rendering of the 'Dining Area' was selected as the VisMaster's 'Image of the Week'. This represents accolades from those within the profession.


Selected as VisMaster's 'Image of the Week'

Colored floor plans

Colored floor plans are a powerful tool for demonstrating spaces and possible furniture layouts to potential buyers. Additionally it provides a means for potential buyers to envision the space laid out for their needs.


Simeon Colored Floor Plans


Simeon Colored Floor Plans


Simeon Colored Floor Plans

QuickTime Virtual Reality

QTVR's are 360 degree images of a space that allow the viewer to rotate in any direction to view the space. Recently Apple dropped support of QTVR in the latest version of QuickTime. Hence a plugin to view the QTVR's may need to be installed if you have the latest version of QuickTime. One such plugin can be found -HERE-

{mov}livingroomVR{/mov}QuickTime VR - Press left mouse button over image to navigate.

{mov}bedroomVR{/mov}QuickTime VR - Press left mouse button over image to navigate.

{mov}bathroom-vr2{/mov}QuickTime VR - Press left mouse button over image to navigate.

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