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The goal of a design presentation graphic is not only to express the concept, but also engage the audience and win them over and even convert them to advocates. This is not easy and the presentation graphics should cater to the target demographics. We offer architectural design presentation which typically differs from that of the corporate world.  While still images comprise the majority of our commisions, our staff is comprised of talented graphic artist and design professionals who create well thought out design presentation boards, brochures and advertisements.

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If the design presentation is intended to illicit input from an individual or group, then loose, abstract and even traditional in nature conveys and essence of work in progress and that input may still affect the process and final product. If the presentation is to sell a concept or product to potential clients or buyers, then a finished, refined and even photo realistic graphic may help the participant(s) visualize the finished product/design and excite and persuade them to commit to it. design presentation is very similar to the graphics used for design competitions and more of that type of imagery is shown in that section.

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