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Marketing Your Brand Identity

Le't face it, most of us are artist and not great businessmen in the field of architectural visualization.  So every little bit helps in this competitive market. That is why it is important to stand out from the crowd. Brand identity, do you have one? Slogan, do you have one? If so are they identifiable and prominent in your marketing campaigns?

3DAStudio Stamp of Approval

At 3DAllusions LLC we worked hard on our initial logo back in 2000, and we have used it across the board at both 3DAllusions and 3DAStudio. Even when we update our branding such as the logo on our new 3DAStudio website, we try to stay true to our origins in and effort to maintain and fortify our brand identity.  The main flaw I see in 3DAS is that a lot of people are using very similar names and logos, which wasn't the case back in 2000, so there could be some confusion with our brand and other similar brand identities.  So when you are working on your own hopefully you come up with something unique that sets you apart and it very recognizable.

Once you have completed the design of your brand identity, work at establishing it as a recognizable commodity that serves as a marketing tool in itself. Then get out there and get  your branding in the spotlight.

Logo: When the economy was very strong in the early 2000 we used to include our logo and a copyright with the artist who did the image below it on our work, when the economy tanked we made a mistake and gave that away to keep work coming through the door, if you can arrange to have your logo on your images, I would suggest aggressively pursuing it as every time your rendering is shown, you are getting credit and some marketing out of it. One of our forum members had a cool logo that had a spider lowering down on it's web from the top of the image, it was very memorable.

Slogan: Probably not as effective in our line of work as it is in others, but as I pointed out, our logo isn't as recognizable as it once was, so a unique and meaningful slogan below it helps differentiate us from the crowd. If you come up with a catchy slogan and sign correspondences with it, it just might stick in someones head.

So get out there and market your "Brand Identity"!

Lets Discuss Your Exciting Project!

We aren’t about the ‘High-Pressure’ sales, but we would like the chance to discuss your project and see if we are a good fit. Once we have a chance to discuss your project, show you our work and answer your questions, it is up to you on whether we work together or not. We pride ourselves on our work and our happy clients and would love to add you and your project to that list.

So, if you have an actual project that you need visualization services for, or just want to discuss the process and the potential returns on your investment, we are here for you, feel free to reach out.

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We are proud are proud members of the ‘American Society of Architectural Illustrators’ and support our industry whenever we can!

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