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eVolo Skyscraper Competition 2014

eVolo skyscraper competition-1tn

eVolo skyscraper competition was held in 2014 with over a hundred entries from firms/studios from around the world.  3DA Studio entered with the following concept and design study.



DESIGN CONCEPT – Visually express a centralized biological reclaiming of territory and recovery of useful substances from waste products.  Expression of nature absorbing a desolate wasteland of the built environment, spreading out and integrating itself with the urban context while reclaiming and cleansing air and water.  Reclamation of urban blight and transformation into eco-friendly environment.

PHILOSOPHY – The site design is a metaphor for nature’s way of rooting itself within its context, it's forms create pathways and shelter prompting forward movement while providing shelter along the way and arriving at large gathering spaces.  Both inside and out flow with intended activities in a harmonious fashion.  The "Green" architecture and landscaping are one with nature while technology will enhance it and reinforce the positive experience of the site.

PROCESS - Modern materials and construction techniques combined with "Green" architecture make the built environment ecologically friendly and resilient.  Provide integrated systems providing energy, water, and materials for human needs while contributing to habitat and environmental quality. By celebrating nature and promoting sustainable architecture, exposure to future generations is capitalized on, and positive ideas beneficial to the environment and the future of mankind are passed on and nurtured.  Promoting positive change and shaping the future through design.

STRATEGIES – Centrally fed gravity water filtration system and biological carbon monoxide scrubber monolithic coils. Solar photovoltaic film siding and photovoltaic film treatment for glazing. Solar heat gain resistant daylight harvesting curtain wall system with heat recovery glazing.  Geothermal and aquifer air temperature control systems and heat pumps. Mass transportation hub system.

CONCLUSION – Through use of existing reclamation concepts implemented using biological components when possible in collaboration with sustainable green architecture we seek equilibrium between nature and the built environment.  The nexus of reclamation becomes an oasis within the urban setting through vegetation and elements that bring the project down to human scale and entices the public to experience the gardens and plazas.

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