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Product illustrations are renderings that help communicate a product, it's features and benefits. But that is not all they are, they can be a photo realistic rendering or a technical illustration, most of all they are an image that grabs your attention and expresses the essence of the product. he product can be a single element or item or an assembly of parts, the challenge is to convey it and what it does......  illustration services help sell products even when they are still in the prototype phase.

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Typically we get emails from clients asking what format of file should they be sending to us. For architectural work it is rather straight forward and we can tell them AutoCad DWG/DXF for 2D and if...

The topic of composition came up during the last challenge and recently I saw that Susan Sorger of 'Entourage Art' had posted some links (3,4 and 5 below) at CGA, so I figured it would be a good...

Le't face it, most of us are artist and not great businessmen in the field of architectural visualization.  So every little bit helps in this competitive market. That is why it is important to...

  A useful list of Building Information Model terms and acronyms is listed below. If you are doing architectural visualization you are sure to come across the need to understand and or even...

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR - Having a good understanding of your scope of work and priorities is a good start in figuring out your needs and who best suits them. Generally speaking developers go for...

GOOD LIGHTING IN 3D RENDERINGS Lighting is an essential aspect of the rendering process. The objectives for 3D illuminations are not that different from that of the real world; you need to light...

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