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Leaders in architectural 3D visualization & rendering .

We specialize in high quality 3D renderings and animation services to clients from all over the world. The 3DAS difference is our 'rock star' team, composed of award winning artist hand selected via invitation only process, by Russell L. Thomas.
Exterior 3D rendering

3D rendering .

The team at 3D Allusions Studio create architectural photorealistic renderings of building exteriors, including creation of animations, walkthroughs of neighbourhoods, full renderings of commerical settings and residential settings.

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Our expertise includes architectural visualization, 3D modeling & rendering , and architectural animation. We provide services in construction documentation, home design, product illustration , advertising, and marketing material.

Visualizing Architecture

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Even at my age, I am still enamored with the big cities and the experience of them.  Back when I had more free time I would walk around Seattle when I lived there and enjoy the sights and...

It is always good to have a firm grasp of architectural terminology, and abbreviations go hand in hand with it. Here wie will include a long list of architectural abbreviations to help in...

  A useful list of Building Information Model terms and acronyms is listed below. If you are doing architectural visualization you are sure to come across the need to understand and or even...

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR - Having a good understanding of your scope of work and priorities is a good start in figuring out your needs and who best suits them. Generally speaking developers go for...

GOOD LIGHTING IN 3D RENDERINGS Lighting is an essential aspect of the rendering process. The objectives for 3D illuminations are not that different from that of the real world; you need to light...

Typically we get emails from clients asking what format of file should they be sending to us. For architectural work it is rather straight forward and we can tell them AutoCad DWG/DXF for 2D and if...

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